Card Access Systems

Colorado State Safe & Lock has been providing card access systems for the last 20 years.  System size is not a factor to us.  We install and design both large and small systems.  All of our systems are can be expanded therefore, keeping options open for future growth.  We are pride ourselves in service we offer do not lock customers in for example, we use non proprietary credentials and readers.  As a result, the final system will allow you to utilize other installers or credentials if that need should arise.  Our experienced team is here to assist design, installation and training of numerous different systems.

Our services include:

    • Design & Specification for Division 28
    • ​Turn key installation
    • ​Integration with other systems
    • ​Service & repair of card access systems
    • ​Service & repair of electrified hardware
    • Remote Support Service for Programming & Training
    • Badge Printing and Badge Accessories
    • Smart & Proximity Credentials to fit all needs
    • Multi-Technology Readers to support current technologies and future
    • Low Voltage permitting where required

Systems we service and install regularly:

In conclusion, we offer services not listed above and manufactures not listed on our product page, but please contact us for any item not listed.

Card Access Systems