McKinney Door & Hardware Services

McKinney Door & Hardware has been providing door and hardware services for Colorado and national customers for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service for all our customers contract doors, frame and hardware requirements. Our goal is to estimate and detail the job correctly in the start up phase of a job to eliminate problems during the close out of a job. In addition to our project management for our customer’s door and hardware requirements, we also provide these additional services:

  • ​​Design & specification for Division 8 Products
  • Design & specification for Division 10 Products (Toilet Partitions & Bathroom Accessories)​
  • Retail shop with large inventory of door, frame and hardware products to include toilet partitions and bathroom accessories
  • ​​Miscellaneous hardware such as Fire Extinguishers, Access Panels and Louvers
  • ​​Full service hollow metal and wood door shop for all fabrication requirements
    ​See our products section for all the manufacturer’s products we offer.

Historic Wood Doors