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Double-acting Traffic Doors: Applications include restaurant, industrial, food-processing, and cafe doors.

They are also referred to as "saloon doors" or "swing doors," and are a distinctive architectural feature often found in commercial settings.

About Double-acting Self-closing Swinging Traffic Doors

Functionality: These doors are "double-acting" because they swing in both directions - towards and away from you. They automatically return to the closed position after being pushed open, usually with the aid of spring-loaded hinges or gravity pivot hinges.
Design: The doors often cover just the middle section of a doorway, leaving the top and bottom open. This allows for a certain degree of privacy while still permitting airflow and enabling staff to see if someone is approaching the door from the other side.
Materials: They can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, or a combination thereof. The type of material often depends on the desired aesthetic or the nature of the establishment.
Usage: Restaurant and cafe doors serve multiple purposes:

Privacy: They help separate spaces, like the kitchen from the dining area, without complete isolation.
Efficiency: In busy settings, staff can move quickly through these doors without the need to turn a handle or push/pull a full-sized door. This is especially useful when carrying trays or dishes.
Safety: By allowing visibility near the floor and the top, staff can see if someone is approaching from the other side, reducing the chances of collisions.
Decorative Elements: Depending on the design and theme of the establishment, these doors can have various decorative elements, such as etched designs, stained glass, or rustic finishes.
Hinges: The hinges on these doors are crucial to their functionality. They allow for the dual-swing mechanism and typically have a self-closing feature, ensuring the doors return to their closed position after being opened.
Variations: While the traditional style is the half-height or mid-height door, some establishments opt for full-height double-acting doors, particularly if they want more separation between spaces.

Applications: Double-acting doors aren't just limited to restaurants and cafes. They're also seen in:

  • Bars and saloons (hence the name "saloon doors").
  • Some homes, particularly between kitchens and dining areas.
  • Hospitals or clinics, especially in areas where staff need to move quickly without obstruction.
  • Retail spaces or offices to separate different sections or rooms.

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