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Your Trusted Partner in Ensuring Safety and Compliance

McKinney Door Solutions is a leading US-based supplier of commercial door and fire rated doors. Our fire doors will enhance safety, facilitate compliance, and provide fire protection of your project.

Our Fire Rated Doors: Balancing Safety with Aesthetics

Our fire rated doors are not just about safety; they also add to the curb appeal and aesthetics of your building. Whether you need interior doors, exterior doors, or double doors, we offer a range of styles from traditional to contemporary, ensuring they complement your building's design.

Key Features:

  • Positive latching and self closing mechanisms
  • Fire rating of up to 3 hours
  • Available in steel, glass, and MDF doors
  • Positive pressure tested for smoke and fire protection
  • Draft control for additional safety
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plain metal door fire rated

Fire Doors: Your First Line of Defense Against Fire

McKinney Door Solutions specializes in providing top-quality fire doors that play a crucial role in maintaining safety. Our fire doors are rigorously tested to withstand fire exposure, ensuring they meet the stringent fire ratings required for commercial use. Whether you're looking for doors that can resist fire exposure for a specific duration or need a solution for large sizes and openings, our products are designed to offer both safety and functionality.

Interior Doors: Combining Safety with Style

Our range of interior doors is not just about safety; they are crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Each fire rated door is designed to seamlessly integrate with your interior design, offering a balance of elegance and fire protection throughout. From mdf doors to glass and steel options, our doors are available in various materials, ensuring they match the style and safety requirements of your building.

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Fire Rated Door: Engineered for Maximum Protection

A fire rated door from McKinney Door Solutions is more than just an entry point; it's a critical component in your building's fire safety strategy. These doors are engineered to meet specific fire ratings, providing a barrier against fire and smoke. Suitable for both interior and exterior wall applications, our fire rated doors are tested to meet NFPA standards, ensuring they perform under critical conditions while maintaining energy efficiency and draft control.

Double Doors: Spacious Safety Solutions

For larger openings and entryways, our double doors offer an ideal solution. These doors not only provide the necessary fire rated protection but also enhance accessibility and curb appeal. Whether you're looking for traditional front doors to fit an existing space or need custom-sized panels the are designed to meet needs without compromising on fire safety and protection.

Commercial Fire rated double doors
commercial fire rated door

Special Considerations for Fire-Rated Door Enclosures

When considering enclosures for fire-rated doors, it's important to determine the specific needs of your building. Note that the availability of different types of fire-rated doors is diverse, enabling you to choose the best fit for your requirements. For front doors carry for instance, textured finishes can be selected in accordance with your building’s aesthetic and functional needs. Each door is designed to meet specific specifications, ensuring they not only provide safety but also blend seamlessly with the rest of your property. As examples, in a commercial setting, you might find fire-rated doors with glass panels or solid steel doors with specialized coatings, each serving a unique purpose while adhering to safety standards.

Customization to Match Your Needs

McKinney Door Solutions believes in providing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our fire rated doors come in various sizes, panels, and finishes. Whether it's a glass door for an office or a steel door for a warehouse, we've got you covered.

Custom Options:

  • Hardware choices to match your existing frame
  • Paint and texture options for aesthetic appeal
  • Large sizes for unique openings
  • Fire rated door frames for complete protection
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Paint Grade Wood Door

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Our doors meet the basic requirements of fire safety standards, including NFPA compliance. They are rigorously tested for life, fire exposure, hose stream, and durability. With McKinney Door Solutions, you ensure safety for the end user and compliance.

Advanced Features of Fire-Rated Doors: Ensuring Compatibility and Durability

The door frame plays a pivotal role in overall effectiveness of fire doors. These door frames, whether part of a new installation or an existing one, are designed to withstand intense conditions like hose stream tests, adhering to following standards set for fire safety.

Each fire door and its frame are crafted to resist high temperatures, with options ranging from steel to exterior glass designs, suitable for different room and floor requirements. The sill, often overlooked, is steel and also constructed to maintain integrity during a fire event.

plain metal door fire rated
Paint Grade Wood Door

When selecting these doors, it's essential to consider doors carry the right specifications. For instance, the paint used on these doors is specially formulated to resist heat, and the wall compatibility of exterior doors is checked for seamless installation. Some doors offer green certifications, catering to environmentally conscious building designs.

Our door frame, half or flat panel options provide versatility in aesthetics, making them a suitable choice for various architectural styles. When you purchase a fire-rated door from McKinney Door Solutions, you invest in the security of your project. Our team ensures that each door meets the correct specification, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our fire rated doors have a fire rating ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your requirements.

Yes, we offer customization to fit the frame and openings in your building.

Our doors are designed to contain fires and prevent the spread, significantly minimizing property damage. 

Absolutely! We have options for both interior doors and exterior doors, all adhering to fire NFPA ratings.

Fire-rated doors are required in numerous areas of the exterior of a building to enhance safety and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Key locations for fire-rated doors typically include:

  1. Stairwells and Hallways: To provide a safe exit route for occupants.
  2. Between Different Sections of a Building: To compartmentalize and contain fire.
  3. Elevator Shafts: To prevent fire from traveling through elevator shafts.
  4. Garages Attached to Residential Units: To prevent fire spread from garages to living areas.
  5. Boiler Rooms and Other High-Risk Areas: Where the likelihood of fire may be higher due to the nature of activities or stored materials.

A door becomes fire-rated due to its build, materials, and ability to withstand fire for a specified period. Key aspects of fire rating include:

  1. Materials: Fire-rated doors are typically made of materials like steel, solid wood, gypsum, or a combination of these, which resist heat and flames.
  2. Construction: They are made in a way that ensures no gaps or spaces where fire or smoke can penetrate.
  3. Seals: These doors have intumescent seals that expand in heat, preventing smoke and flames from passing through the cracks.
  4. Hardware: Includes fire-resistant door frames, hinges, handles, and locking mechanisms.
  5. Testing and Certification: They are rigorously tested to meet specific fire door standards and are certified for their fire-resistance capabilities.

A 20-minute fire-rated door is designed to withstand exposure to fire for at least 20 minutes. Characteristics include:

  1. Resistance: These doors can resist flames and high temperatures for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  2. Build: Usually made of composite materials or solid wood capable of withstanding heat.
  3. Use: Often used in residential buildings, specifically between living spaces and attached garages or between a house and an attic.
  4. Testing: These doors have been tested to hold back fire under laboratory conditions for a period of 20 minutes.

Fire-rated doors are classified based on the duration they can withstand fire. Common fire doors' classifications include:

  1. 20-Minute: Typically used in residential buildings for transitions between house and garage.
  2. 45-Minute to 1 Hour: Common in commercial buildings, dividing different sections or leading to stairwells.
  3. 1.5 Hours: Often found in 1-hour walls along corridors or in boiler rooms.
  4. 3 Hours: Used in areas requiring the highest level of protection, like between buildings or in walls that separate buildings.

Each classification indicates the door's ability to prevent the spread of fire and maintain its structural integrity for the specified duration under standard fire testing conditions.

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