COVID Preparedness

In order to assist with COVID preparedness, we are offering multiple hands free solutions, as well as and temperature, and mask monitoring methods, to ensure the safety of employees and customers.  With the changes we have all experienced under theses circumstances, our approach has been redirected to ensure the highest public safety for hand contact with any door opening, and surface.  With these new advancements in security  and life safety, we can help you do your part in maintaining a clean, and environmentally responsible location, while limiting the spread of COVID, and any other diseases.


Temperature & Mask Monitoring

Temperature & Mask Monitoring

Hands-free pull handles add on pulls

Rockwood 193 Hand/Arm Pull

Wave sensors for Auto Operators

(Can be added to existing operators)

Camden CM-324/41 Wired Touchless Switch "Wave to Open" Text

Please contact us to discuss what we can offer your business to keep you customers and employees safe